Uruguay: General Information

General Information

By the hand of Uruguay Lands’ human team, you will find the reasons why Uruguay is the best kept secret in South America. Here you will invest with identical footing with Uruguayan nationals without limitations of any kind; purchase your field as a single physical person or legal entity without delays or requirements of maximum or minimum investment, with absolute freedom, regardless of your nationality, citizenship, or place of residence; the ownership of your property is independent of these circumstances, with all the legal guarantees, stablishing yourself in the most stable country in the Americas.

Uruguay concentrates its greatest wealth in the land, all soils with high fertility rates. It has 176,215 km2 (68,037 mi2), or 17.6 million hectares (43.5 million acres), all suitable for agricultural production thanks to three elements: its dense hydrographic network that covers the country with rivers, streams and lagoons; its moderate orographic system (the maximum height in the country is 513 meters or 1.683 feet) and its stable temperate and humid climate (average 17°C or 63°F) with homogeneous rainfall throughout the year.

Uruguay is primarily a commodities producer, being a country with an export vocation due to its low population (less than 3.5 million people). 70% of the country's total exports are concentrated in five primary goods: beef, soybeans, wood, dairy products and cereals (rice and others). Historically, the country persistently aimed at the foreign market and for this reason the production is serious, scrupulous, with investment in research and the constant incorporation of technology, accustomed to complying with the most demanding controls of audit teams from all over the world.

Uruguay is a country with a long tradition in the production of exceptional quality beef and nowadays has a livestock population of around 12 million heads of bovine cattle (there are 3.5 for each inhabitant) and 7 million sheep. Its meat, its dairy products, its agricultural and forestry products, as well as citrus fruits, wines and olives, are exported all over the world, complying with the most demanding standards.

Land in Uruguay is an asset that gains value year after year; but its price per hectare or acre is significantly lower than that of land with similar characteristics in the United States and Europe, for example. And as important as that -unlike what happens in neighboring countries of Uruguay-, Uruguayan regulations are favorable to foreign investors, non-discriminatory and transparent. In addition, transactions are in US dollars and there is free exchange and free circulation of currencies. There are no surprises here.

The Uruguayan countryside enjoys a great aptitude for developing agricultural-livestock and forestry projects. The economic equation and the advantages that the Uruguay Lands’ team summarizes here, make Uruguay an increasingly attractive destination to buy land.

The foreign investor will be interested to know that Uruguay has a wide network of investment reciprocal protection treaties with countries around the world, as well as agreements to avoid double taxation, being a State Policy the two sides of this coin: on one hand, the attraction of foreign investment and, on the other, the promotion of exports by continually negotiating the entry of their products into new markets and improving access to those already conquered.

The conditions are given for your economic and life project in Uruguay; the limit is set by your imagination!! Your farm can be devoted to agricultural, livestock, forestry production of one or more commodities, but it can also focus on or include the production of fine wines, olives and/or establish a stud farm and raise horses for export. These are all areas that Uruguay has already incorporated to its "country brand" being very well positioned internationally. The Mission of Uruguay Lands is to advise and accompany you throughout the process.

Let's start with the vedette, Uruguayan beef; It enjoys great prestige for its high quality; the predominant breeds are Aberdeen Angus and Hereford, being national breeders internationally awarded, a recognition that also extends to Uruguay’s dairy farms. This excellence results from the joint public and private effort in sanitary control, the national livestock traceability system and the most modern slaughter plants. Its demand generates anticipated total sales every year without exception, with Uruguayan beef destined to the most demanding market segments in China, Europe, the USA and endless destinations; all cuts of meat with and without bone are shipped to more than 120 countries; it is sold in the European Union within and outside the Hilton quota and quota 481 (superior quality feedlot) and has Kosher and Halal certifications for markets requiring it. Uruguay is the 7th world exporter of beef, the 4th of sheep meat and also an important exporter of live cattle.

Regarding extensive agriculture, in Uruguay 2 million hectares are cultivated each year, the main ones being: soybeans 1 million hectares (2.47 million acres), corn 150 thousand hectares (371 thousand acres) and sorghum 30 thousand hectares (74 thousand acres) among the summer crops. And the main winter crops are wheat 230 thousand hectares (568 thousand acres), barley 200 thousand hectares (494 thousand acres) and rapeseed 115 thousand hectares (284 thousand acres). Uruguay also has a long tradition of rice exports, cultivating nowadays 150,000 hectares (370 thousand acres) yearly with a high global yield of 9.5 tons/ha (8,500 pounds per acre). Finally is worth mentioning that fodder crops for livestock consumption and certified seed exceed 80 thousand hectares (200 thousand acres).

Certified wood afforestation (sustainable forests with responsible environmental management) reaches 1.3 million hectares (3.2 million acres) in Uruguay, mostly eucalyptus species, followed by pinus elliottii and taeda. Wood exports include cellulose pulp, sawn wood and bulk rolls.

Uruguay also has 5 thousand hectares (12.4 thousand acres) of fruit trees, 6 thousand hectares (15 thousand acres) of vineyards and another 6 thousand hectares (15 thousand acres) of olive trees, exporting award-winning wines and olive oils worldwide. A non-traditional production that we mentioned is equine breeding; there is a population of over half a million horses and our stud farms export valuable specimens to top-level destinations such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

As a fact that illustrates Uruguay's zealous commitment to the environment, it is noteworthy that the native protected forest comprises 800 thousand hectares (2 million acres), in addition to maintaining numerous biosphere reserves throughout the country, approved by UNESCO.

Returning to your investment plan, you can count on Uruguay Lands team. We are proud to combine all the prior advice you may need to make the decision and make it happen, with active support in your installation process and the development of your project, services that we provide always reflecting the empathy that characterizes the best of our culture.

The population of Uruguay was formed of European immigrants who promoted our rich cultural deed, with its own identity but always embracing those roots. The Uruguayan idiosyncrasy thus has its foundations in the values of freedom, democracy and solidarity. The international recognition of Uruguayan literature (also of musicians and painters) and its impact on successive generations, as well as the political-institutional trajectory of the Uruguayan nation, demonstrate this to this day.

The Uruguayan people are known for their humble warmth, kindness and great receptivity towards foreigners who come to invest and settle. Uruguay, by the way, has the highest quality of life index in Latin America and the security and peace that characterize it are reinforced by the designs of the Goddess Gea thus no natural catastrophes of any kind occur in this country.

By buying land in Uruguay, you become part of the few countries in the world qualified as full democracies due to the very low level of corruption, the guarantees given to individual freedoms and the protection of private property. If you add to this the economic-financial stability of the country, the free circulation of foreign currency and other jealously guarded guarantees, you can no longer have any doubts; it is time to invest and live in Uruguay.

With the best placement of your capital in Uruguay, also enjoy its beautiful landscapes, horseback riding, rivers and waterfalls, recreational fishing and the sport of your choice; golf, polo, tennis, soccer, trekking, or sailing in its more than six hundred kilometers of beautiful beaches. You will find yourself in between mate-tea rounds prior pairing the best beef in the world with reserve wines from the tannat variety and others of your choice, settle down in this land of peace and tranquility, unique in the world.

The mission of Uruguay Lands is to offer you the full spectrum of available offered lands for purchase in Uruguayan, identifying the best option that fits your project and providing you with our advisory, mediation, negotiation and after-sales services to satisfy your most demanding requirements.

We aspire that your contact with our team results in much more than the means to conclude the purchase of property; Uruguay Lands wants this fact to mark the beginning of a long-term relationship, a friendship.

Montevideo, March 2022. Sources: MGAP, Uruguay XXI, INAC, CIU.