Land for Sale

  • Land Ref. Nº 641
  • Location: Lavalleja
    Area: 585.6 acres
    Per acre.: USD 1,452
    Total approx. amount:
    USD 850,000
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  • Land Ref. Nº 640
  • Location: Maldonado
    Area: 66.0 acres
    Per acre.: USD 2,426
    Total approx. amount:
    USD 160,000
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  • Land Ref. Nº 637
  • Location: Canelones
    Area: 23.7 acres
    Per acre.: USD 5,902
    Total approx. amount:
    USD 140,000
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In this site, dedicated to land sales in Uruguay, you will discover why Uruguay is an exceptional country to enjoy Nature, to live, and to invest in land. You will find out why Uruguay (situated between Argentina and Brazil) is the best kept secret of South America.

Uruguay has great natural resources coming from its soil. On its vast prairies, the best cattle and sheep are reared, and their products exported worldwide. Also, all kinds of agricultural products are grown and exported. Uruguayan beef enjoys great preference in various markets.

On the other hand, land in Uruguay is markedly cheaper than in U.S.A. or Europe, and suitable for agriculture, cattle breeding or forestation. As a consequence of such favourable scenario, every day new foreign investors are buying land in Uruguay.

Foreign investors should know that Uruguay has signed treaties for mutual investments protection with several countries in the world, (U.S. included), and that its foreign policy is to continue opening new markets all over the world.

From another point of view, climate in Uruguay is very mild, without natural disasters of any type and a population which is famous for its kindness and politeness. Uruguay has the highest standard of living in Latin America.

Also, in Uruguay you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, horse riding, brooks and cascades, sport fishing, and hundreds of miles of fantastic beaches, in a unique peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Our job in Uruguay Lands is to offer our visitors different options of Uruguayan farms and ranches, in order to fulfil their most particular requirements.