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Reference Nº 631

  • Location: MONTEVIDEO
  • Zone: Sur (South)
  • Area: 16.8 acres
  • Price per acre: USD 24,259
  • Total approx. amount: USD 410,000
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The property is 68400 square meters. Between Route 1 and Camino Flores.
It has:
Housing of about 150 square meters in acceptable conditions.
Electricity from UTE: common but also three-phase current.
Water: running water from OSE.
Water well: Unique in its type. Depth of 45 meters in the stone. Flow of 9000 liters / hour. It has been seen to extract and pack table water.
It is possible to order a fixed telephone line from ANTEL. The line it had was gone. Internet.
At this moment the field is dedicated to agricultural exploitation. Coneat Average Index 138. A tenant has started eviction due to poor pay. He has 2 years left, if he pays.